Hand Gloves

These Gloves are Idea, when dexterity and ‘feel’ are essential. For warmer water or surface use the 2mm option gives additional protection without compromising dexterity.
The ultimate combination of luxurious super stretch neoprene comfort combined with a tough Kevlar palm and finger tips protection enhanced with Polymer coating at the finger tips. When diving in more extreme conditions, gloves give extra strength and protection when it counts, without compromising on comfort.

Full Face Mask

The full face mask has several functions: it lets the diver see clearly underwater, it provides the diver's face with some protection from cold and polluted water, it increases breathing security and provides a space for equipment that lets the diver communicate with the surface support team. Full face masks can be more secure than breathing from an independent mouthpiece; if the diver becomes unconscious or suffers anoxygen toxicity convulsion, the diver can continue to breathe from the mask unlike a mouthpiece which must be always gripped between the teeth.

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It is a durable boot or shoe that has a protective reinforcement in the toe which protects the foot from falling objects or compression, usually combined with a mid sole plate to protect against punctures from below.


A diving cylinder, is a gas cylinder used to store and transport high pressure breathing gas as a component of a scuba set. It provides gas to the scuba diver through the demand valve of a diving regulator


A limpet mine is a type of naval mine attached to a target by magnets. It is so named because of its superficial similarity to the limpet, a type of sea snail that clings tightly to rocks or other hard surfaces.A swimmer or diver may attach the mine, which is usually designed with hollow compartments to give the mine only a slight negative buoyancy, making it easier to handle underwater.
Usually limpet mines are set off by a time fuze. They may also have an anti-handling device, making the mine explode if removed from the hull by enemy divers or by explosions. Sometimes the limpet mine was fitted with a small turbine which would detonate the mine after the ship had sailed a certain distance, so that it was likely to sink in navigable channels or deep water out of reach of easy salvage and making it harder to find what caused the sinking.