F.R.O.G.S. (Full Range Oxygen Gas System)

The F.R.O.G.S. is a self-contained, chest-mounted, closed circuit apparatus, using 100% Oxygen. It was created for intensive work using a high performance, simple and sturdy mechanism. No tools required for periodic maintenance.

Modular Concept: easy to maintain and low maintenance cost. Easy to maintain after each dive: no tools required, easy to clean. Quick assembly system for the counterlung.


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The OXY-NG2 is a chest-worn or optional back-worn, closed circuit, pure oxygen underwater breathing apparatus.

Developed for intensive use, it has high performance, but simple design remains. The OXY-NG2 is robust, compact, and does not require any special tools for general maintenance.

C.O.D.E(Compact Oxygen Diving Equipment)

The C.O.D.E. is the smallest of our rebreathers; it gives approximately 60 minutes of diving time. Ideal for covert & counter terrorism operations.

It is well suited for operational or training missions that require minimal logistics. Its reduced size renders it easy to transport. The small number of parts and its modular design make it easy to maintain and quick to set up.


AMPHORA is a rebreather using different oxygen/nitrogen mixtures in a semi-closed circuit. AMPHORA is a closed circuit apparatus in the oxygen dive configuration and a constant mass flow apparatus (CMI) in the mixed gas dive configuration.

During the dive a simple operation of the gas switch allows the user to switch immediately between breathing pure oxygen on closed circuit and mixture on semi-closed circuit.

C.R.A.B.E.(Complete Range Autonomous Breathing Equipment)

The CRABE is a back-mounted breathing apparatus for diving use in depths down to 80 metres.The CRABE is an entirely mechanical rebreather operating in semi-closed circuit with NITROX or TRIMIX following the proportional leak principle and with pure oxygen for deco stops.

Designed for intensive use, the CRABE offers high performance, reliability and robustness.Daily maintenance and most servicing operations can be carried out without the use of tools. The CRABE is suitable for anti-mine warfare. .