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Underwater Lights for zero visibility condition

Diving lights for total visibility in Turbid & Murky Water
The Hammerhead uses patented Underwater Vision Augmentation System (UVAS) Technology. The system picks up light not visible to the human eye and amplifies it greatly. Simply lighting the area in front of the diver with the UVAS Torch allows objects in the environment to be clearly seen on the HDMI stereo displays.
For the first time, divers will be able to see through tannin stained, silted and dark waters in real time untethered for hours without having to displace water. The Hammerhead is a user friendly and innovative solution for divers who need to safely search or work in dark and turbid water conditions. Easily affixes to most commercial diving masks.

• Search & Rescue/Recovery Missions
• Evidence Recovery - Easily find weapons & objects in muddy, turbid & algae infested waters
• Inspections in Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD)
• Repairs and Cleaning on Hulls, Ships, Oil Rigs
• Propeller Inspection / Repair - Easily see nets or damage from impact
• Underwater Construction & Bridge Footing Inspection
• Type II Bridge Footing Inspections
• Salvage - Wreck Recovery / Archaeological Digs - Treasure Hunting